Writing and Practicing Jazz

So, I haven't really improved my guitar skills at all since college. I kind of stopped doing music for a long time because of life, but now I've decided to get back into it and give it a real try. That's why I have this website, I've been releasing a bunch of videos, I'm in a few bands, etc, etc. I'm also trying to improve my guitar skills by learning jazz and more complex theory. It's a very slow and complicated process as jazz has layers of complexity that doesn't exist in other types of music.

Some things in particular that I'm trying to learn are how to use arpeggios that incorporate harmonic extensions of chords and mix that with chromaticism and guide tone lines. Along with that is learning the altered sound, how to use it in diatonic progressions and non-diatonic progressions, and how to build and release tension fluidly. If all of this is gibberish to you, don't worry, it basically means I'm just learning how to play jazz. 

So here is a video of a song that I'm in the process of writing that shows some of my progress thus far. There's still a lot of blues in there that will always be a part of my playing, but I hope to reduce my usage of it and eventually mix it in with more sophisticated bebop phrases.

That's all for now, hopefully later on I'll post another version of this song that will have lyrics and a melody!